La di da di di, la di da di dah . . .

The beat goes on, and the beat goes on.

Area news media reported in January that the state of Connecticut added a whopping (wait for it . . .) SIX HUNDRED jobs in December. Huzzah! Wake the kids and phone the neighbors! Fireworks and sparklers! No, wait!

Blow your floofloovers! Bang your tartoogas!
Blow your whohoopers! Bang your gardookas!
Spin your trumtookas! Slam your slooslunkas!
Beat your blumbloopas! Whack your whowonkas!

Dance with jingtinglers tied on to your heels!

And then take a breath. Several, in fact.

These are the people, remember, who told us all that the “recession was over in 2009.” I still have yet to meet anyone who believes that. The aforementioned 600 jobs, by the way, were most assuredly holiday jobs and I will bet you dollars to donuts that when the January numbers are announced, the jobless rate will be back in the shitter.

“Hey, everybody! I found the new unemployment numbers!!!!”

I know more unemployed/laid off/downsized/outsourced people than at any other time in my life. Not one of them has a sunny outlook about their near future and a downright dismal one on their long-term future. So here we sit, day in and day out, poring over job postings unless our corneas bleed, sending off applications and resumes and cover letters to companies that we will never hear from for jobs that we will never get. If you judge a nation’s financial environment by the psyches of its people, we are truly in a depression. Prozac, anyone?

Just for sheer entertainment value, here is a list of almost all of the jobs I have applied for so far, I say, “ALMOST all”, because it does not include all the jobs posted in “company confidential” and “anonymous” ads. How many of them have I heard back from? Maybe 10, and I’m being generous.

How many actual interviews? 5.

Tell me, again, how the recession is over.

Trans Digital Media, LLC

WFSB-TV Channel 3

Time-Warner NYC

Penny Press

Stratford Animal Control

Banfield- Charter Hospitals


Essex Television Group

World Wrestling Entertainment

Triple Threat



Meredith Media

Max Films

Bret Stern Productions

Conn. Film Center, LLC

Home Depot


Connecticut School of Broadcasting


Movement Pictures


The U.S. Census

State of CT Judicial Branch


ORLive, Inc.

Rockstar Games

GE New York

Time Warner

American Cruise Lines

WTIC/WTXX-TV  (again)

Greenfield Consulting Group

Heart Newspapers/SCNI

Mountain Lake PBS

Plattsburgh Public Television

NBC Universal

Soho Editors

National Media Connection

Blue Chip Films

Leopard films



Try It On Everything, LLC

MTV Networks


A&E networks


Home Depot (again)


The Walt Disney Company

ABC News Digital

Borders Books

Daymon Worldwide, Inc.

Stop & Shop

Purdue Pharma


City of Bridgeport

Tribune Company

Grey Healthcare Group

Wholesome Wave

Fox Networks

United Technologies/Hamilton Sundstrand

North/South Productions
Soho Editors (again) Incorporated

Leopard Films (again)

Creative Circle

Encompass Digital Media

Televerse Media (again)

Melissa & David

Tasti D Lite

Roger Wilco Productions

NBC Universal (again)

GoodLife Productions, LLC

Petco (again)

Recovery Network of Programs

Creative Benefit Planning

Whole Foods

Connex Credit Union

NBC Universal (again)

March of Dimes Foundation

Peoples Bank

Blue Flame LLC

Penny Publications (again)

United Biosource Corporation

A&E Television Networks

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