Fourth verse, same as the first

will-work-for-food-unemployment-cartoon-390x220Yep, it’s time once again for my pity party. Excuse me while I make myself comfortable on the  potty as I present to you the “List of Places I Have Applied to Work and Not Gotten a Job.”

For those who don’t know, I lost my 16-year, full-time job with no notice at all in November of 2008. Since then, I have not been able to find any full-time employment, anywhere. No full-time jobs IN my field; no jobs OUT of my field. No low-end retail jobs. Home Depot isn’t interested. Neither is Petco.

And I am left singing the Dusty Springfield/Pet Shop Boys song, “What Have I Done to Deserve This?”

Without further ado, here’s the list. Keep in mind that these are only the ones that I remembered to put on the list I have been keeping for 4 years. I’m sure there are others that slipped through the cracks.

Trans Digital Media, LLC 
WFSB-TV Channel 3 
Time-Warner NYC 
Penny Press 
Stratford Animal Control 
Banfield- Charter Hospitals 
Essex Television Group
World Wrestling Entertainment
Triple Threat 
Meredith Media
Max Films 
Bret Stern Productions 
Conn. Film Center, LLC
Home Depot (1)
Connecticut School of Broadcasting
Movement Pictures 
State of CT Judicial Branch
Petco (1)
ORLive, Inc. 
Rockstar Games
GE New York
Time Warner 
American Cruise Lines
Greenfield Consulting Group
Heart Newspapers/SCNI
Mountain Lake PBS
Plattsburgh Public Television
NBC Universal (2)
Soho Editors
National Media Connection
Blue Chip Films
Leopard Films 
Try It On Everything, LLC
MTV Networks
A&E networks
Home Depot (2)
The Walt Disney Company
ABC News Digital
Borders Books
Daymon Worldwide, Inc.
Stop & Shop
Purdue Pharma
City of Bridgeport
Tribune Company
Grey Healthcare Group
Wholesome Wave
Fox Networks
United Technologies/Hamilton Sundstrand
North/South Productions
Soho Editors (again) Incorporated 
Leopard Films (again)
Creative Circle
Encompass Digital Media
Televerse Media (again)
Melissa & David
Tasti D Lite
Roger Wilco Productions
NBC Universal (3)
GoodLife Productions, LLC
Petco (2)
Recovery Network of Programs
Creative Benefit Planning
Whole Foods
Connex Credit Union
NBC Universal (4)
March of Dimes Foundation
Peoples Bank
Blue Flame LLC
Penny Publications (again)
United Biosource Corporation
A&E Television Networks
Top Prospect Group
Spark Productions NYC
Katie Brown Workshop
Essex Television (again) 
Island Company
DigiWorks Media
Look At Me Now Entertainment
Whole Foods
Blue Sky Animation
Transit Time Measurement System
My Tupelo Entertainment
Connecticut Public Television
Zackin Publications Inc.
Advantage xPO
Petco (3)
Blue Buffalo Pet Products
Homeserve USA
NBC Universal (5)
Bunker Media
St. Vincent’s Hospital
Whole Foods (again)
DiGa Vision
Yale University
Bongo International
AC Nielsen
Anonymous reality TV program
Circulation Specialists
Ernst & Young
McIntyre Group
Girl Scouts of CT
Ironik Design and Post
Companions and Homemakers
Top Prospect Group
Triple Threat TV (again)
American Cyber Systems

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